Kekompakan Ucapan Yang Cakep

Kekompakan Ucapan Yang Cakep – became the base problem. Because it is possible that people throw garbage into rivers nearby or just stacked away or burned. Disposal of garbage into the river, will lead to pollution of the river water.

Moreover, there is also disposing of human waste into the river. Do they not realize the importance of river water to people’s lives in the villages. Disposal of garbage and sewage into the river would lead to delays in the process of ground water. Especially if there is plastic waste that can not be described by the ground, will result in large amounts of waste and sewage.

When the rainy season, the river can not hold water raging river and finally there was soil erosion and so not able to withstand the pressure of the water and then seek a new land, which eventually overflowed surface and will cause flooding.